Cool Game Online Review – Part 1

Let me ask you one question: Why do you play games online? Have nothing to do? Want to win your partner? Hope to improve some basic skills? Regardless of your ultimate goal, it’s tough to resist your favorite, right? The following are our top-voted picks for the best 5 cool online games so that players may waste much more time on the computer than they have probably already do. Many of them give a very similar experience, but each has its own merits that even make it eminent from the rest of the pack.

1. Bomb It


Did you remember the Bomber man game? Yes, Bomb It is just considered its copy version. Don’t mind spending time in enjoying its content now, dear all! At first sight, the game is seen as a complex maze. But its whole theme is so spectacular that you’ll find it hard to give up.

How to play the game? Keep calm, please! See a tiny robot over there? Please lead him to walking around every room of the maze to take actions. At first, place bombs to explode in-front obstacles and discover power-ups, i.e. Walk Faster, Shoes, Rockets, Shoot Fire, Gloves, Grenades, Protection Shields, Minebombs, and so on. Compile them all. Next, don’t forget to avoid weapons from the rivals or even kill them with your secretive weapons. Lastly, unveil all corners in the maze with confidence. Well, it’s a must to use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to drop bombs. Happy bombing!

2. Age Of War


Our second selection is Age Of War – one TD game. Entering the playing field, you should be a wise leader who can control your team to a gorgeous victory. Believe that you can do this task well? Don’t be afraid of showing us how talented you are now!

The action game will prominently feature a battle, which came from the prehistoric period, and then last until the modern one. Well, your chief target is simple: that is to protect your base while defeating the enemies’ territory. How? First of all, both recruiting and training units are all important. When such the units are ready, please bring them to the battleground so that they can attack the foes. Besides, earn XP points and coins as many as possible to hire more units. Defend your region from the hostiles’ assault by building the protective system. What should do if we are on an urgent case? Tap Special to vanquish the opponents. Last but not least, the game is only played by the left mouse. Get ready? Come on!

3. Comic Stars Fighting 3.2


To us, Comic Stars Fighting 3.2 is also worth a try! For the reason, nothing is greater than exploring its attraction by yourself, right? The game challenges all players to different tough arenas! It’s also a good chance to witness strong and breathtaking kung fu performances.

Before visiting the playing field, you should keep in mind that all fighters in this game are famed stars of the influential comic books. So, feel free to opt for one, and then guide him to a glorious victory in every thrilling competition here. What to do now? Players are asked to help their chosen hero launch special and stunning attacks on opponents in a quick-fingered and strategic way. In simple word, he will be instructed how to hit, crush, punch, or even kick each of his rivals. Just keep self cautious, as these aggressive entities can make counter-attacks on him. If you choose the multiple mode to join in, don’t forget that:

  • Player 1: The A & D keys are for movement, while the JKLUIO keys are for attacking.
  • Player 2: The left & right arrow keys are for walking, while the 123456 keys are for assaulting.

4. Twin Cat Warrior 2


Making self immersed in Twin Cat Warrior 2, and you’ll be dazzled by a funny adventure of twin cats – the greatest and most brave warriors in the Cat World. Due to their influential reputation, the Cat King decides to entrust them with a very hard task: that’s to make an adventure in a holy land and collect valuable stones. We believe that the game is indeed an ideal choice for all exploration lovers.

In this large land, there are a plethora of different places for the twin cat warriors to unveil. The main missions players must handle in the game are to guide the protagonists through many difficult roads, help them move blocks, climb ladders, catch red stones, and finally reach the marked target. Ah, avoid traps, water, and other dangers; otherwise, the game will come to an end instantly. Because the game features 2 main characters; hence, the arrow keys are applied to manage the first cat, whereas the ASDW keys are used to instruct the second cat.

5. Gun Mayhem 2


If you a crazy fan of Gun Mayhem, don’t miss a chance to savor its innovation – Gun Mayhem 2. It is supposed that just entering this new game at first time, players will be surely shocked and amazed at its exquisite and challenging campaigns. Get ready? Spend time in referring to its description here!

In this new installment, you’ll have a right to become a gun shooter who has to vanquish all targets. A lot of campaigns are available in the game, and the goal of every player is to guide the main character to platforms so that he’s able to fire at all rivals that try to kill him. There is no doubt that he must be flexibly managed to avoid falling off the platforms. Otherwise, he’ll pass away before facing up to the foes. It’s always a need to bring him to the training area so that he’ll be well trained before participating in the first campaign. Well, to play the game, please remember that you must take advantage of the arrow keys (move), Z key (shoot), and X key (throw grenades).

Hence, what is your final pick, dear readers? Just make an attempt, and we bet that you will certainly have a memorable time. Have a nice day!